/** * Define theme folder URL, saves querying the template directory multiple times. */ define('EBOR_THEME_DIRECTORY', esc_url(trailingslashit( get_template_directory_uri() ))); /** * Ebor Framework * Queue Up Theme-Side Framework, everything else is loaded in the ebor-framework plugin. * * You can install a child theme to modify all aspects of the theme, if you need to modify anything from the /admin/ folder * Just delete the require line below and move it to the functions.php of your child theme, make sure to copy over the entire /admin/ folder too. * It's very rare you'd need to do that, but if you do, you'll need to delete this require on every theme update. * * Note that to override a function from the /admin/ folder, you don't need to copy the folder to your child theme, every function is wrapped * in a conditional so that it can be called directly from your child theme and ignored in the parent theme. * * @since 1.0.0 * @author TommusRhodus */ get_template_part("admin/init"); /** * If visual composer is installed, grab all required files. * Wrapped in an if statement so that we can save parsing this if visual composer is not used. * It's a speed boost basically. */ if( function_exists('vc_set_as_theme') ){ get_template_part("vc_init"); } /** * Please use a child theme if you need to modify any aspect of the theme, if you need to, you can add code * below here if you need to add extra functionality. * Be warned! Any code added here will be overwritten on theme update! * Add & modify code at your own risk & always use a child theme instead for this! */
Fatal error: Call to undefined function ebor_get_header_layout() in /home/franshiz/crimeamice.ru/agro/wp-content/themes/launchkit/header.php on line 21